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Personal Calibration

For Christmas, 1995, I received a point and shoot camera. It was a Yashica T4, was weatherproof, had a Zeiss lens, had a waist level finder, and could be had for $200 dollars. Often I wished that I had a camera with me as I went about my daily routine. Once, on West Fourth Street, I observed a cockroach dragging a lit cigarette butt across the sidewalk. I started to carry this camera with me wherever I went. Personal Calibration is a result of the raw data that I was able to collect as I wandered around New York City, went to and from work, ate in restaurants, drank in bars and rode the subway.

Some of the things I have been able to ascertain and judge are:
Only men sleep unprotected in public.
People of all races go missing.
Gin is my liquor of choice.
African American and Latin women have fancy nails.
What was once a technical miracle is soon a piece of crap.
The Psalms are very popular.
If you see your image on a TV, you are drawn to it.

Sometimes, briefly, New York City reveals its true nature. In that brief instant it shows itself for what it truly is: a swirling, chaotic maelstrom. All New Yorkers subconsciously understand this. We are able to lay only the thinnest veneer of reality between the storm and ourselves, so we can conduct ourselves day to day. We need to ascertain, we need to rectify, we need to standardize, and we need to adjust. Those who cannot, find sleep or heaven.

Missing date
Kristine Kupka  October 24, 1998 missing
Damaris Inez Hernandez  August 8, 1998 reunited
Augustin Delaespada  October 3, 1999 missing
Vanessa Lebron    May 30, 1997 missing
Maureen K. Lynch  August 4, 1999 missing
Leo H. Park March 19, 1999 deceased
Renee Lamanna November 11, 1997 missing
Patrick McNeill    February 16, 1997 deceased
Maria Lusia Alverez  August 18, 1996 missing
Idris Sanders   April 11. 1997 deceased
Maria Edith Ramos   August 23, 1998 missing
Peter Caragivlo  March 11,1998 deceased
Larry Andrews Jr December 31, 1998 deceased
Mirerva Villar June 17, 1998 reunited
Irene Silverman   July 5, 1997 deceased
Hea Kyung Choe    February 11, 1998 deceased

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